The Adventures of Business Cat | Comfort
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A cat’s condolences.

This comic brought to you courtesy of my amazing patrons. Special thanks to:
Karen Carpenter, Gary Cooper, Dan Cunningham, Colin Dellow, Julia G, Giz, Reece Hall, Erica Holcombe, Yuliya Levina, Jonna Märijärvi, Coté Nicholas, Scott, Janet Seitz

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  • Will G

    He couldn’t be bothered

  • Raphael Menderico

    That’s me! …. I am a cat!!!

  • Eric Cartman

    Well, today there will not be any food for Mr. Cat

  • Javier Dehesa

    Wow, he was so touched that he didn’t even rip her face off for no apparent reason. That’s true cat love right there.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    I’ll give him this: in the second panel, he could have easily yawned, or started to wash his face. The fact that he did neither is quite touching, coming from a cat.

  • Adriano

    Fucks given: none

  • Lolly_Ruri

    Congrats on 100 comic strips!

  • Business Cat realizes that alone time is just as important.

  • QueenOfPentacles

    Business cat is indifferent to your suffering

  • David Morris

    You know,maybe he is testing her. If she still loves him despite the flaws,shebis his perrrrfect wife 🙂

  • piculra

    Doesn’t want to accidently stab her with his claws.

  • No one Nowhere

    Silly Janet if you want a hug you have to ignore him THEN hug him when he inevitably comes to you and talk about your problems once he’s already in your lap.

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