The Adventures of Business Cat | Defeat
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As nature intended.

This comic brought to you courtesy of my amazing patrons. Special thanks to:
Karen Carpenter, Julia, Dan Cunningham, Gabriel Girouard, Giz, Yuliya Levina, Dawn Lim Yun Hui, Jonna Märijärvi, and Coté Nicholas

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  • Aditya Ghaisas

    Umm. You’re so not a regular cat.

    • Tim

      Now we need the back story of how Business Cat (or Business Family) became who they are today.

  • Willow Polson


  • Steve Dave

    No tail!

  • The Closer


  • Yrfayce

    and he can’t be arrested for public indecency, because he’s just a cat

  • Benjamin Collins


  • manubibi

    that’s disturbing

  • hawgowar

    It’s gonna be tough catching enough mice to feed that body.

  • Gaurav Prabhuzantye

    I wanted a few more of BC’s app ideas.

  • wpgoode

    I think that’s enough Internet for one day…

  • Chase

    Nyeengh..! Please put the suit back on, Regular Cat. At least the pants?

  • Guiom

    I love how unfazed Janet is.

  • Put some damn pants on.

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