The Adventures of Business Cat | Escape Plan
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Escape Plan
Escape Plan

In one ear, out the other.

This comic brought to you courtesy of my amazing patrons. Special thanks to:
‘Benaryorg’, Karen Carpenter, Julia, Dan Cunningham, Giz, Yuliya Levina, Jonna Märijärvi, and Coté Nicholas

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  • Artur

    Damnit Ears! You’ll pay for this!

  • Bruno Severino

    Ears you asshole.

  • Forecaster71


  • Asuryan

    They should’ve enlisted Stray Tony’s help. So ripped <3

  • Jay

    Oh Ears, you had one job!

  • MissLavi

    You don’t know anything about rabbits if you expected that Ears will follow orders xD They’re near to cats in obedience.

  • rickd24

    Am I the only one that is getting very tired of the adventures of Regular Cat? This story line has been going on for over 6 months and it just isn’t funny anymore, and hasn’t been for a while. Especially since he landed in the slammer.

    Enough is enough, please bring back Business Cat!!!!

    • Onyx Zephyrus

      In my opinion, the entire thing is fun to read, if not always funny. I like how it feels like there’s a plot to it, even if it is just made for laughs, and this comic is, in my own opinion, rather funny. Perhaps just stop reading if you really don’t like it, as opposed to simply saying it sucks.

      • rickd24

        Well, apparently I am in the minority on this. Oh well. 🙁

        I would like to point out that I never said that “it sucks”, just that I was tired of it. Also, that instead of just giving up when you don’t like something, you’re a lot more likely to change it if you make your voice heard.

    • Carlos gonzalez

      Come on, men, I love princess’s plot

    • pto

      I absolutely love the weird and unexpected directions this is heading. The “business cat plot” sort of felt a bit like there wasn’t a lot of fresh ground to explore, this is far more interesting.

    • It’s great and I’m really enjoying it! We can go back to him taking over as Business Cat at any time. Lets enjoy this whilst it lasts!!!

    • Bálint Juhász

      I don’t think anything is wrong with regular cat’s adventures. I really don’t want to be mean with you or anyone, but I think we, the audience, should not tell him, the writer, what to do. It’s his comic strip, let him have it his way. All we have to do is read it and have fun. I think the person behind Business Cat is a genius, I really like his work, and I am sure, that he will get regular cat back into business sooner or later.
      My point is, if we try to tell him what to do, he may feel pressured, or something, and it would probably not be constructive for the comic.

      • rickd24

        I would think that any author would be interested in reader feedback, which he would be free to listen to or ignore. What if it turned out that most people agreed with me instead? How else would he know unless we told him?

        I just read today’s cartoon, looks like he’s going in a new direction again. Not back to business yet I’m guessing, but it could be interesting. Looking forward to seeing how it develops.

  • someboddy

    The dance of his people!

  • Chase

    He’s REALLY trying his best, guys.

  • Onyx Zephyrus

    Ears wasn’t very happy with having chewed up food spat onto his back. I can’t say I blame him.

  • Carlos gonzalez


    • Austin Posey

      Ears was a coward, he didn’t think he could make it in the outside…that’s what institutionalization does to you. You start out hating the walls, but they eventually become the only world you know…

  • Shatter

    Is just amazing the plan reached up to that point.

  • The bonus panel on the patreon is a killer, as always!

  • You just can’t trust a rabbit.
    Ask Elmer Fudd.

  • Guiom

    Are they drinking seeds???

  • TetraSky

    RIP that plan.

  • Beckoning Chasm

    “The dance of my people” is always a pretty good plan. Despite the results of said plan, it’s still a good kind of plan. If you don’t care about results, I mean.

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