The Adventures of Business Cat | Goodbyes
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We make what?!

This comic brought to you courtesy of my amazing patrons. Special thanks to:
Karen Carpenter, Gary Cooper, Julia, Dan Cunningham, Colin Dellow, ‘FOL’, Giz, Reece Hall, Yuliya Levina, Dawn Lim Yun Hui, Jonna Märijärvi, Coté Nicholas, Chantal Rivest, Scott, and ‘SGWarne’

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  • medsal15

    What?, indeed, business cat. Why didn’t you tell us it was your company’s name?

  • l0l0u

    For the love of god, have him run for presidency!!!

    The Adventures of President Cat

  • Feartheswans

    What if MiaoCo really isn’t the company name?

    • Geraint Cooper

      i was thinking the same thing! i assumed he was in the wrong building and the one he should be running is still doing ok 😀

    • Jason Potapoff

      I interpret the comic as he didn’t realize that was the name of his company. Playing on the idea that Cats don’t really know their name or the names of others.

  • skilopsaros

    Wait wait wait no, why are the last comics so conclusive? I love them, but please pleas PLEASE don’t tell me that the adventures of business cat are coming to an end. We want them to continue.

    I mean, If there is a solid reason the artist does not want to continue, we respect that, but still, If I sudenly learn that they are ending, I will be sad. So can anybody reasure me that the business cat will have more adventures? please?

    • piculra

      It hasn’t updated for 2 weeks…I hope it continues, but it seems to be at least on a hiatus right now.

  • az
  • Well, I guess that’s one mystery solved… I think?

  • Anti-Midian

    It’s amazing how quickly Ted’s nose healed up.

  • DrPluton
  • damdamdaaaaa

    Well, THAT’s a cliffhanger!
    Business cats “what” can mean everything: It isn’t his company (and instead it’s the one he gone to many strips ago), it really isn’t this companys name or BC is just BC.


  • Louis Richards

    Like with so many people, a stray cat wanders into your life and takes over.

    … Your business.

  • Zeneeba Pyra

    …and his parents built this company?

  • Dannysmartful

    Did he just destroy somebody else’s company?

  • Feartheswans

    The Facebook for the comic says it’s just delayed until this friday

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