The Adventures of Business Cat | Mix-Up
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Haha, just like The Odd Couple.

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  • Sam

    I thought only dogs do that.

    • Weirdcatdude

      Cats spray urine to mark territory.

    • Mark

      Pretty much all mammals mark their territory by urinating on things. Male unneutered cats are particularly bad!

  • J.C. Overgaard

    They both need to talk to their tailors and/or stop buying badly sized off-the-rack suits. No excuse for shoulder divots, especially ones that bad. (or better yet, get it custom made from one of the online companies that will do it made to measure, and include the arm hole measurement.

  • Wooow

    You mean the pointy part? That’s how Tom draws people in suits. Like suits sometimes have a ruffle there anyways.

  • Erohiel

    He needs to be neutered.

    • Ceri Cat

      That doesn’t fix the issue at all. All neutering an animal does is make it smell different to other animals which reduces the chance of fights amongst same gender cats; and of course eliminates the potential offspring. Spraying is very much about the mentality of the animal itself be it male or female (and yes both genders of canines and felines will mark territory), cutting out your reproductive organs doesn’t change that; check out any guy that’s had a vasectomy that’s still an ass afterwards.

      • Erohiel

        You obviously know nothing about biology. Getting a cat neutered USUALLY does fix the issue of spraying as it drastically reduces their hormone levels that make them inclined to do it. Vasectomies are NOT the same as neutering, so comparing it to that is stupid and irrelevant. Adult cats where spraying has become habitual may not cease to spray after being neutered, but only because it’s become their habit. Also sometimes spraying is done when the cat is very insecure about its territory….but the fact remains that MOST of the time, neutering DOES fix the problem.

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