The Adventures of Business Cat | Superstition
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I suppose you think they’re all witches, too.

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  • podian

    Well, she basically set herself up for that one…

  • Laura Artigas

    My cat is black and I dont know if he brings me good or bad luck but its for sure that he brings me friendship, serenity and tones of sticky cat licks

    • plectrum


  • komrath

    Nailed 🙂

  • phake

    powerful lesson in todays businesscat

  • Mikan

    business cat is not impressed

  • AlexMcCormack

    Here in the UK, black cats are lucky rather than unlucky.

    • Ceri Cat

      Actually it’s twofold, a black cat walking towards you is supposedly lucky, it’s when it walks across your path it’s considered unlucky. People are morons though, black cats are often unlucky given they’re one of the least adopted groups of felines.

  • Thomas Walder

    Maybe it’s Business Cat who needs the sensitivity training, given the way he treats the humans in the office.

    • Pah. Mere humans.

      • Michel

        I most wholeheartedly agree.

  • Keira Leon

    This might put a damper on the relationship.

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