The Adventures of Business Cat | Competition Winners
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Competition Winners

Well, it’s September 27, and that means that Business Cat: Money, Power, Treats is now officially available in bookstores across North America! If you hail from such lands (or are just generally in the area) then you should definitely rush out right now and buy ten copies. Meanwhile, us lowly Europeans will have to wait until October 20 for release.

September 27 also means that it’s time to reveal the winners of last week’s competition!

I’d like to preface by saying thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. Looking over all the photos of your cats was a lot of fun and, to be honest, I wish I could just send a copy to everyone who entered. It was tough nailing it down to a final three, but without further ado, here are the winning entries:

Competition Winners

Additionally, the winners of my Patreon raffle – drawn freshly from a hat this morning – are:
Karen Carpenter, Colin Dellow, Jonna Märlijärvi, William Hector, and Laura Jolly!

If you are one of the winners then be sure to get in contact with me by email, Facebook, or Patreon with your full name and postal address. Also, be sure to include whether or not you would like a signed copy or an untainted copy!

Finally, I’ll leave you with some honourable mentions that just missed my top three. Thanks again to everyone who participated!

Honorable Mentions

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