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Back to basics.

Just wanted to make a quick post to thank all the folks who sent photos of their Business Cat costumes for Halloween and PAX Australia this year and to share them all with you. It’s a pretty amazing thing to see people dressing up as one of your characters, so I want you to know it brought us a lot of joy and a lot of laughs to see such enthusiastic fans.

Stephanie Botica
Stephanie Botica from Texas
Richard Page
Richard Page from England
Justin Roth Hall
Justin Roth Hall from Canada
Jonathan Cowin
Jonathan Cowin from Massachusetts
Josh from NSW
Josh from New South Wales
Lukas Schwarz
Lukas Schwarz from Germany

A particularly special shoutout to Matt Bearup who attended PAX Australia in a Business Cat costume that absolutely floored us with it’s attention to detail. Multiple facial expressions, business cards and a briefcase complete with homemade Gerald. Colour me impressed, sir.

Matt Bearup
Matt Bearup from Melbourne
@interestingmix /

You can check out last years Halloween costumes and more here.

Even Lingualer

This seems as good a time as any to mention that multilingual powers have now been extended to include French, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Greek (with more to come). You’ll find the archives for these languages to be more or less completely up to date courtesy of the following awesome fans;

French – Céline Dethier
Russian – DukeBG of
Spanish – Jonathan Smith
Italian – Dante Impieri
Greek – Andreas Lougakos

Hey guys, I’m happy to announce that thanks to the work of Brazil’s number one Business Cat fan, Victor Carlos Prado, alongside the wonderful ladies over at Funny Story, Tzu-Ting and Ting-Yu, The Adventures of Business Cat is now a multilingual website.

For speakers of Brazilian Portuguese, you will find every single Business Cat strip to date has been translated to the archives. For readers of Traditional Chinese, a sizeable chunk of those have been completed as well. Best of all, they’re now collected in one easy to find place. Use the dropdown menu in the navigation bar to head on over to those.

For native English speakers, sorry, nothing interesting to report. But if you know of anyone else whose been translating my work out there, I would be happy to hear from you to see if I can get more languages collected on the website.

Multilingual Powers Activate