The Adventures of Business Cat | Backyard
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Just surveying the land.

This comic brought to you courtesy of my amazing patrons. Special thanks to:
‘Benaryorg’, Karen Carpenter, Julia, Dan Cunningham, Giz, Yuliya Levina, Jonna Märijärvi, and Coté Nicholas

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  • Rodrigo Quintana

    ok this one cracked me up

  • Mark

    Slender Cat

    • Bianca Peterson

      This was my exact thought upon seeing this.

  • Cat season

    I see you…

  • “Maybe we should let him, he might be lost and hungry.”

  • Guest

    You missed the glowing eyes.

    • RinaRhodon

      Ah! That would be a nice touch

    • Asuryan

      They’re glowing now!!

  • colt bolt

    someone needs to make a business cat horror game

    • Oneironaut

      You’ll be fine as long as you keep looking at him!

      • RinaRhodon

        Horror gamers out there probably know what I’m talking about…A horror game involving “staring” would be like SCP Containment Breach. But with cats? Hell yeah!

  • SolidusRaccoon

    Did he get that short off of Stan S Stanman?

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