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The adventure begins.

  • specialEDpenguin

    That coffee cup never stood a chance.

  • Cassie


  • Ellie


  • it’s his hands at the end that get me

  • Charlie Yang

    The mug called him a bitch.

  • mynameiswhat

    I NED MOAR!!!!!!!

  • Daniel Cartwright

    Great comic, thanks to Seth Macfarlane for tweeting this. I love it. Plus how cool is it to have Seth promote your comic.

  • Where has this been all my life?!?

  • Luke Ortiz


  • Christopher Poblete

    How it all began

  • Glew

    Guess it would have been too much if the sign read “Meo”

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  • TheMattBattalion

    Fitting, that he would do it and let it lay there.

  • Saltfishpattie


  • Ellen Finch

    This is the one that got me hooked/subscribing months ago. Laughed out loud and had to keep coming back to it to laugh again.