The Adventures of Business Cat | Restless
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Late night a cappella.

This comic brought to you courtesy of my amazing patrons. Special thanks to:
Karen Carpenter, Julia, Dan Cunningham, Colin Dellow, ‘FOL’, Giz, Reece Hall, Yuliya Levina, Dawn Lim Yun Hui, Jonna Märijärvi, Coté Nicholas, and Chantal Rivest

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  • Nathaniel Goodrich

    Business cat is making allies strong ones, one day he will have an army, an army strong enough to seize Maioco back from Howard

    • piculra

      Miao co. No maioco.

  • Nathaniel Goodrich

    also nice “Have you seen out Boss” poster

    • JohnnieWalkerFan

      That was a nice touch!

  • medsal15


  • Thomas Colvin

    Please Release another business cat book

    • Not this year unfortunately, but I have a good feeling about next 😉

  • thegoldsmith

    Is that BC’s cousin next to him?

    • Hannah Hanson

      dude thats pretty racist

      • thegoldsmith

        I didn’t mean to offend i just thought the other cat bore a resemblance to him and that his family might have wanted to help him in his time of need

      • Leeroy

        What a dumb statement.

        • Hannah Hanson

          joke alert joke alert

  • Anti-Midian

    Not surprised Gary is the one that went “BLAOW”…
    Worst roommate ever.

  • az
  • Ubuntu4Ever

    I always imagine that business cat is voiced by Keitb David.

  • JohnnieWalkerFan

    So, the second panel is apparently a Pet Groomers Quartet…you know, four-part disharmony.

  • Gearsky

    I’m disappointed that noone made an “a catella” joke.

  • Carlos gonzalez

    The nightmare never end.

    • Carlos gonzalez


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